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In Kenya, millions of students are not learning at the right levels due to undiagnosed learning level differentiations

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The current competency-based curriculum has limited diagnostic and dynamic qualities 

In marginalized areas, the gap widens due to lack of digital tools or platforms that deliver adaptive and dynamic learning content that’s also fun

The lack of customizable learning tools combined with digital connectivity problems cause many students to fall behind in school, drop out of school or dislike learning

Covid 19 worsened the already existing problems that learners, educators and planners are facing

We started by asking:

"How might we leverage technology to create inclusive, creative and accessible learning experiences for all Kenyans irrespective of their location, accessibility or current learning level?"

Introducing Kiwanda

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A learner-centered system through artificial intelligence, the internet of things and gaming.

Kiwanda is a revolutionary, inclusive learning, ed-tech ecosystem by the Kadana Foundation

Our mission is to bridge the gap in our learning systems through effective and timely deployment of technology.

…without limitations of location, connectivity, learning styles or levels

Our focus is to create a diagnostic and self improving learning tool that empowers educators everywhere.

We plan to deploy equitable technology that will amplify the impact of already existing educational resources across Kenya.

Why Kiwanda?


Inclusive learning for all types of adult and young learners enabled by machine learning diagnosis of literacy levels and creation of adaptive learning modules


Gaming and virtual self journeys with engaging and fun learning content that will introduce innovative thinking


Omni-channel content accessible to messenger channels such as WhatsApp, social media or as plugin to an existing digital learning delivery method in classrooms

Be the deciding difference in creating a technology based educational revolution

Kiwanda is a revolutionary, inclusive learning 

ed-tech ecosystem



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